extra jobs to help supplement their income in their free time

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In today’s economy, many people are looking for side work or extra jobs to help supplement their income in their free time. The so-called “gig” economy provides many opportunities for motivated individuals to find side jobs that offer good pay and flexibility. If you’re a foodie, one job that might appeal to you is being a food service delivery driver. Food delivery apps like GrubHub, Seamless, EAT24, and others provide fast on-demand food delivered to their customers’ doors in many markets nationwide. Such companies are always looking for drivers, so if bringing food to hungry people and culinary connoisseurs sounds appealing to you, think about if you have what it takes to be a food service delivery driver.


The first thing you’ll need is to make sure you have a car and a valid driver’s license. If you have a driver’s license but no car, now might be a good time to get one, because an affordable used car can be a great investment if you’re going to use it to help you earn money by working a second job. Consider getting a late model car in good shape and running condition, as this may also come in handy if you decide to look into ridesharing jobs at some point.


You’ll also probably need a smartphone (Android or iPhone) that can run the delivery service’s app. These services all send delivery orders and driving directions through their proprietary apps, so you’ll need a device capable of running them if you want to be able to work for one of these companies.


You may also need to have a checking account open to receive direct deposit payments, and some companies may require you to go through a background check. Some of the things they may take into consideration are your driving record, any possible criminal record, as well as your length of experience as a driver and any previous delivery work experience.


It’s also important for you to compare what the different food delivery services offer in terms of benefits and compensation. There may be different policies regarding how much of your tips you’re allowed to keep, for instance. Research how much you can expect to make per hour with the various companies you might be considering to ensure that it’s a worthwhile use of your time and that you’ll be making sufficient income. In most cases, you can probably expect to make around $10 to $15 per hour, but you’ll have to factor in gas and maintenance for your car.


What does a typical delivery entail? It’s pretty simple. Once you get notice of an order on your app, you’ll go pick it up at the restaurant or store, pick up the order, drive to the customer’s location, and give them their food. Sound good? If you choose the food delivery company that best fits your needs and abilities, you can make good extra money on weekends, at night, or whenever you have extra time to work a side gig.


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